<b>Oyster House Project</b> Show Your Support Now! By acquiring a new, larger property in a more visible location, PWEC can expand the environmental education programs for which it already is well known, and also move in a bold new direction – economic development. <b>Memberships & Volunteers</b> Take action today and become a PWEC Volunteer! Families enjoying Critter Release

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The Amazing Chesapeake Bay

The heart of all PWEC’s activities is to restore the Bay, not just to purity, but to productivity. A healthy Bay is not only good for the environment; it is a food source and the economic engine of our community.

    Our Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign to replace the Fishmobile’s support van is now live.   Our support van for the fabulous Fishmobile has gone belly-up! With over 180,000 miles, front-end problems, and brake issues it has become a major money pit and a safety concern. It is clear that we need […]

    PWEC is embarked on a major new initiative–the Oyster House Project. With the acquisition of a much larger property beside the Tilghman bridge, PWEC can expand the educational programs for which it is already well known and also move in a bold new direction — economic development. By combining in […]

    Come Join the Fun! Introduce visitors to the animals at the Center, and present learning activities as required. Share information about natural history, life cycle, ecology, economic value, and status with visitors. Monitor touch tanks and assist visitors in handling specimens while protecting the welfare of the animals being handled. […]

    The Fishmobile is a traveling aquarium that brings live Bay animals to community events, schools, summer camps, and even birthday parties, throughout the Chesapeake Bay region. Come face-to-face with seahorses, blue crabs, American eels, and more. Touch a terrapin and pet a horseshoe crab. Structured school progams are aligned with […]


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